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celovečerní film


Far back in time, high in the mountains, a pre-historic tribe live a primitive life, their crooked backs a symbol of their cowed existence. A young hunter IGI is the first to stand upright on his own two feet and question the tribe's ingrained beliefs.

While Igi struggles with the challenges of his new stature, young hunter KAAS defeats his own father and becomes the new chief. Alone and exiled, Igi leaves on a journey to find himself, meanwhile Kaas’ lack of experience brings the tribe to the brink of starvation.

After a long adventure Igi finds the strength to truly stand up. He learns new ways to hunt for food and discovers how to express his emotions through words and paintings. Having found his true self, and with the help of new friends NI and ZU, Igi returns to challenge jealous Kaas for the leadership of the tribe.